Money Masters Volunteers

All Money Master Volunteers in training, are expected to participate in discussion. The discussion questions will provide an opportunity to share resources.
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 Great Apps!

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PostSubject: Great Apps!    Great Apps!  EmptyThu Feb 02, 2017 4:36 pm

What financial apps do you find useful. Please share any ideas in the following format. Example Below.

App Name: Mint
Purpose: Budgeting, Goal Setting, Net Worth Calculation
Positives: Helps you track in real time, you can customize your categories, incorporates financial goals into your budget
Negatives: Sometimes categorizes expenses incorrectly, must connect your bank account might not be good for those that don't use their debt card.
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PostSubject: Acorns   Great Apps!  EmptyTue Feb 21, 2017 12:58 pm

App Name: Acorns
Purpose: Investing
Positives: This app takes the leftover change from approved transactions from any debit or credit cards that are linked to this app. You can set automatic deposits.
Negatives: Only takes out money in $5 increments when the change amounts to $5.
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Great Apps!
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